Beginners and EDT Lessons


For all new learner drivers in Cork, we have an unbeatable offer of 10 full beginner lessons for just 500€! ( to avail off this price ,the full amount of 500€ must be paid in advance).

T&C apply.
All Lessons must be taken within the 6 month . All you have to do, is book one of our Beginner Driving Courses at Neptune Driving School Cork, and your instructor will soon be teaching you all about the Rules of the Road! They are very friendly, supportive and dedicated to their role, and will soon have you feeling at ease, and help you to get to the test stage at a pace that suits your individual needs!
We provides dual controlled cars for pupils to take their lessons and these cars are also available for students to hire for taking their Driving test at Wilton Driving Test Centre in Cork. Pupils may also take lessons in their own car once they are deemed to have sufficient experience.

12 EDT lessons

Neptune Driving School offers the EDT driving course in Cork, pre-test and a mock driving test lessons. Please note that you must hold a learner permit to take any driving lessons on public roads. We are very familiar with the driving test, EDT and standards set down by the Road Safety Authority.
Not only will you receive one to one training you will receive written notes and guidance materials and exact test routes. Visual aids are excellent to help driving skills development and understanding and make the learning process clearer and quicker. Our instructors at Neptune Driving School support and guide you all the way through from our EDT programme to passing the test first time.

T&C apply. All Lessons must be taken within the 6 month period.
At our EDT Programmes we offer:
• Door to door collection, for the surrounding areas(this offer is suspended at the moment).
• Lessons 1-8 in order,
• Lesson 9-12 randomly,
• Theory test questions
• Under the bonnet check
• Secondary control checks
Our instructors will train you systematically how to approach the test from the driving testers point of view and how to deliver accurately junction by junction just what the tester wants to see.
Intensive 6-Day EDT.(this offer is suspended at the moment). (Different price might be applied for this offer).Course

This intensive course is only suitable to people with previous driving experience. Beginner drivers should take their lessons at a slower pace to ensure full understanding.
• Experienced drivers looking to apply for an Irish drivers licence.
• People who have recently moved to Ireland and hold a foreign licence.
• If you need to obtain an Irish Drivers licence in a short time period.
• Experienced drivers who have let their Irish licence expire,
If your driving licence expired 10 years ago or more, you must complete apply and complete the Theory Test, apply for a provisional permit, complete your EDT course practical test. .Please contact us for more information about this offer.(this offer is suspended at the moment).